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In joyful rebellion against conventional painting methods, Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro’s art exudes an uninhibited childlike freedom of expression. Drawing inspiration from 1920’s Paris’ counterculture, his art is filled with wonderful absurdity. Miro’s use of primary and secondary colors as well as organic shapes conveys a lively, energetic zest for life – a playground of the artist’s subconscious mind. 

In “Hand with Globe,” Dutch artist M.C. Escher (1898 – 1972) combines intuitive mathematical skills with visual distortions in impossible architecture, spatial illusions and repeating geometric patterns. His depictions of spheres and other objects were influenced by Italian landscapes and intricate tiling patterns of Spain’s Moorish castles. Escher was considered to be a master research mathematician, despite his lack of formal training. This high-quality art print is expertly produced to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original


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