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Zakintos Island Greece 

Zakintos Island Greece / Остров Закинтос Греция

Zante - the southernmost group of islands in the Ionian Sea. 

According to legend, the capital of the island was founded nebezyzvestnoy King Priam of Troy, who came to love the local landscape -Transparent Turquoise water, white beaches and lush greenery.It's amazing, but for thousands of years here, nothing has changed. Zante are very popular among European newlyweds, but on remote beaches of the tourist infrastructure take their young big sea turtles, found in local waters are not so difficult. Also at the Zante is a colony of rare Mediterranean seal.

Suspension bridge, Langkavi Malaysia

Suspension bridge, Langkavi Malaysia / Подвесной мост Малайзия

 At one of the highest points of Langkawi, Mount Mat Cinang, a few years ago, 
in addition to the review sites have opened 130 meter long suspension bridge. 
This miracle of engineering hung at 666 meters above sea level. 
In the cloudy days of the bridge is lost in the clouds, so that looks like it goes straight into the sky. 
Particularly intense character, but to climb it is not. The bridge, despite the apparent monumentality,
literally swinging under your feet.

Valley Vilanes Cuba 

Valley Vilanes Kuba / Долина Виланес Куба

Vilanes Valley in the province of Pinar del Rio has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Here the ancient karst hills and caves decorated with ancient rock paintings, 
many of which archeologists believe, were made in the distant dokolumbiyskoy era. There are modern designs, the youngest was placed with blagoslavleniya Fidel Castro. 
Deserves attention and the cave of El Indio is located nearby. Vinales Valley is also famous for its tobacco, so it is fashionable to buy the best cigars around the world.


Machu-Pikchu Peru 

Machu-Pikchu Peru / Мачу-Пикчу Перу

'Lost city of the Incas "so called Machu Picchu, one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Why inkam needed to build a city at a height of almost two and a half thousand meters, did not know anybody. It brought here for construction materials, as the Incas did not know what the wheel, and monoliths, some weighing several tons! And why the city was suddenly abandoned by all the people in the XVI century, although no threat to its inhabitants by the Spanish conquistadors were not? Conqueror never got to Machu Picchu and the town was discovered only in 1911 by Professor Hayramom Bingemom.

Stone Forest China

Stone Forest China / Каменный лес Китай

Stone Forest is called the most fantastic place Celestial. He is in so hard that he discovered only relatively recently - in 1990. Bizarre landscape in the area of 100 thousand square kilometers due to the deposition of sandy rocks in the basin of Yellow River for four million years. There is also a unique Tiger Leaping Gorge, the depth of which more than three kilometers.

Terraktovaya Army Lintun China

Terraktovaya Army Lintun China / Террактовая Армия Линтунь Китай

Terraktovaya army, the peasants discovered during drilling of artesian wells in the village Lintunen in 1974, is considered one of the most amazing wonders of the world. More than 8 thousand clay warriors guarding rest first emperor Qin Shi Huandi Dynasty, 2200 years have kept their secrets. Each of the soldiers (to date, archaeologists from the ground recovered a little over 1500 sculptures) has its own unique features and is not similar to other soldiers. But do not think that bringing together the Celestial Emperor show mercy, and bequeathed to bury himself with glinyannymi image rather than living soldiers. During construction of his tomb, more than 35 years, according to various estimates, the deaths of 70 to 100 thousand people

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