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Monday, February 22, 2010

Same Moonlight for Our Dreams

Many moons ago, my father won a  scholarship by cross running  trough the hills of his beloved Burundi. So he left home to pursue his dreams far away in Europe. Some moons later my mother escaped her beloved Burundi to Rwanda with her siblings. She survived and kept the  promise she made to her father, to realize her dreams. On a special moon they met, then decide to work  together  to dream beyond for a better future. They worked hard, struggled, failed and succeeded. I was born in Rwanda as a child of refugees. I was fortunate that my parents decided to leave Africa to give us a better future. We moved a lot. I am lucky to have  experienced others cultures, foods, lifestyles, traditions, religions and dreams. And I did learn that we are different but the same. Every night we have common  dreams under that same moonlight. In this  blog I want to share my opinions about how difference is beautiful and how similar we are.

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