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Thursday, July 14, 2011

White Lion by Michael Swan

This was our evening movie last night. It is a feel good movie for children. However, it is an amazing movie. The scenes are beautifully filmed. Each scene is filled with endless metaphors. They are powerful and so real. It was a perfect way to discuss confidence, strength, weakness, fear, and life with our 8 years old.  The metamorphosis of a fragile awkward cub into a fierce lion king is fantastic.  I just found the entire movie on YouTube so I had to share!!!Thank you  Michael Swan!! Enjoy!

"When a rare white lion is born to a pride in an African valley, a Shangaan boy named Gisani (Thabo Malema) believes it his is responsibility to protect the cub, which he names Letsatsi. Tribal beliefs dictate that the lion is a messenger of the gods. But Letsatsi breaks free of his pride and must learn to survive on his own. Meanwhile, Gisani learns that a trophy hunter wishes to track Letsatsi down and kill him."

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