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Monday, August 15, 2011

England riots and Historian David Starkey "The whites have become black "

Well, I did not want to comment about it at first. Then I could not resit!!!
Mr David Starkey needs to learn more about "cultures" and forget his well accepted  "patois". Seriously for an historian, his stereotypical approach did not surprised me. However,I was astonished by his confidence. This interview screams "academic racism". The colors, races, cultures and communities are just facades for a tragic discrimination against the " Have not". I fully support protests , not riots. At the end of the day, everybody chose a "camp". The truth is that  we all need to belong to a collectivity. The sad part is that racism is always used a "propaganda". Once again it is a "they vs us". And it should not be!!!

Let us not forget it is still the Same Moonlight for Our Dreams.

Watch and let me know what do you think?

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