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Thursday, October 13, 2011

California Senate Bill No.861 Conflicts Minerals in the Democratic Congo

   On October 9, 2011 the state of California did pass SB861, Corbett. Public contracts: contract eligibility: conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This bill will ensure that companies are held accountable when using conflicts minerals. Thank you to Senator Corbett and her staff, Djibril Diop!!!! 
    In July 2010, the Dodd-Frank-Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act require the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to impose regulations on militia-controlled minerals from Congo. Companies must reveal to the SEC whether they use these minerals in their products and the steps they are taking to make sure that they are using “conflicts-free minerals”.

     I know that very few people know about blood minerals or even care about the impacts. I would like to thank everyone who made SB 861 happen, on behalf of “poor people that worked in hellish conditions” as nicely said by Tim Worstall, in" Blood in the Mobile: What,Conflict Minerals, Again? ". His point of view is very interesting and informative. He said  “Get those refiners to stop taking Congo material, or even material that they cannot trace back to a mine, and you’re done.” So SB 861 is another step forward!! According to Amy Westervelt in “AnticipatingNew SEC Rules, Tech Companies Shift To Conflict-Free Metals” , companies are  now willing to do anything to avoid PR nightmares....
    And yes, very poor people work in hellish conditions for little money every parts of the World.  So thank you California for caring!

Same Moonlight for Our Dreams...

Senate Bill No. 861
An act to add Section 10490 to the Public Contract Code, relating to
public contracts.
[Approved by Governor
October 9, 2011. Filed with
Secretary of State
October 9, 2011.]

legislative counsel’s digest
SB 861, Corbett. Public contracts: contract eligibility: conflict minerals
in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Existing law authorizes contracting between state agencies and private contractors and sets forth requirements for the procurement of goods and services by state agencies and the various responsibilities of state agencies and the Department of General Services in implementing state contracting procedures and policies. This bill would prohibit a scrutinized company, as defined, from entering into a contract with a state agency for goods or services, as provided. This bill would not become operative until the later of January 1, 2012, or the date the United States Securities and Exchange Commission issues the final rules and regulations on the implementation of Section 1502 of Public Law 111-203, and would become inoperative upon a specified date.

BILL NUMBER: SB 861 CHAPTERED BILL TEXT INTRODUCED BY Senator Corbett (Coauthor: Senator Anderson) (Coauthor: Assembly Member V. Manuel Pérez)

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