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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Middle of the World (O Caminho das Nuvens) by Vicente Amorim

The Middle of the World (O Caminho das Nuvens) is one of my favorite movie of the year. The story is about a family road trip on bicycles throughout Brazil looking for jobs. It is beautifully made. It is intense and weirdly  soothing. Yes, it gives a real perspective of how hard it  is to make a living in this global economy.  It is a simple movie that captures  the conflicts and complexities of life and family. I just love it! A must watch!!! On Netflix oh yes...In Portuguese with English subtitles.. Enjoy!!!

Same Moonlight for our Dreams

The Middle of the World is a road movie on bicycles. It is freely adapted from the true story of an unemployed truck driver who, with his wife and five children, pedals from Paraíba, in the poverty-stricken Northeast of Brazil, all the way to Rio de Janeiro looking for a job. Romão (the father) feels destined to earn 1000 reais (about 300 US$) a month a vast sum for Brazilian standards. On four bikes, the family goes through five states, knows solidarity and indifference, aggressiveness and cordiality. A 2000-mile odyssey through the hinterlands of Brazil all the way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's best-known postcard. The Middle of the World shows the quest for the dream of a decent life a story of dreams and hope.


  1. I want to see this! I will look for it!!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, chica. It's amazing how some may travel so far to find what many of us take for granted. Will check it out. I need to add more depth to my movie viewership anyway, because right now it's just based on action and guys with Talk to you later.

  2. LOL, you did kill me with "action and muscles guys"!!:)It is a great movie!! Thanks for reading my mini review:) Hope you are doing good and surviving the winter.... Talk to you soon:)



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