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Monday, December 6, 2010

Running to free my mind

These past weeks, I perfected a delicious pie crust, a healthy oatmeal bran bread, a great Pho Bo broth and the ultimate Belgian-German waffles. I love cooking and eating. I love food!!! Last week after too many buttery goodies, I could not resist the title of the runner’s world magazine “Special inspiration issue”. Yes I did purchase it for the first time. I felt so inspired by the title.
And you know what, I am running… It is addicting as always but this time I am ready to keep my motivation running.  I was enjoying the magazine until I started reading about “The confession of Eddy Hellebuyck” Seriously!! I purchased this at $4.99 for the inspiration and secrets of lasting motivation... In the midst of it, I get a super long messy confession on EPO doping and redemption. I respect his confession. It takes courage to come clean. I do get that there are heroes only in presence of villains…I am sorry for all the people that lost the races because he won. I wonder if he has to pay back the prizes. But this confession is a little too much too late…Well RW magazine did boost my motivation however I am not buying another issue...
I will keep on running because it does free my mind. There is some kind of raw honesty about running. It is a personal multitasking effort that asks inner motivation. Your lungs, heart, and muscles let you know the truth, as well as the extra jiggles…aka "extra love"...
My confession:
I will keep on running to stay in shape, to compete with my dear self. I also will keep on running to eat healthy, cheesy, creamy and buttery. And for the love of chocolate...

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