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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 seeds for the New Year

Last spring, my urban patio garden did inspire me to grow more plants. My bell pepper is  still producing despite the cold weather!!! In the name of biodiversity, I pledge to buy and store 12 different seeds every New Year. I do not have green thumbs. I have "purple" thumbs because I have a great ability to grow  "edible" plants only!!  I can keep cute plants around. However I take care of my edible friends! Gardening is therapeutic. I believe in a gardening revolution. Save seeds..Organic or not. Buy and store seeds. I got 12 kind under 12 dollars plus shipping for 275 seeds total.
Let's nurture nature...
Here a quote of J.Sterling Norton from here
"The generations of flesh pass away; and plants and trees, by root and leaf, take the substance of the dead forms into their being rebuilding again the vegetable kingdom whence they were ravaged for the sustenance of animals. In this earthly round of being ages come and go, as shadows and sorrows come and go over each individual human life...The animal kingdom of today was the vegetable kingdom of an age that has been; and the physical man - all the animals - will be the plants, flowers, fruits and forests of the years yet to be. So proceed the cycles of transmutation - inevitable as death, and wonderful and the mystery involved in eternity: change unceasing, but loss never, for frugal nature permits no waste, and, though her forms disintegrate and disappear, substance, mental and material, lives forever, defying decay with the smile of conscious and ineffable immortality"

Few of my seeds for the New Year at Hirts Gardens

AMAZING Egg Tree 15 Seeds-Grow Indoors/Out-Edible Fruit
AMAZING Egg Tree 15 Seeds-Grow Indoors/Out-Edible Fruit

Romanesco Broccoli 50 Seeds-Heirloom-Best Taste Veggie
Japanese Black Trifele (Russian Truffel) Tomato 20 Seed    


  1. Love this idea! I too bought seeds with the intent of planting them, but stored them past their "use-by date"... And the diversity of your collection is inspiring. Thanks for sharing, and happy 2011!

  2. Thank you for your visit!Happy Happy 2011!Storing is a small step toward biodiversity.But, I believe a little always helps. And one day, those tiny seeds will be priceless.



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