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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My "green" urban patio garden

It is the result of our summer project. We did buy plants from a farmer market at one dollar each or two for a dollar. Then to keep this project on the frugalicious side, we used old storage boxes and plastic bags for potting. And voili, voilà...we have one bell pepper and tomatoes. For a first timer, patio gardening is fun, relaxing, and calming. However, I have to perfect many skills  by next summer to have a composed salad and strawberries for dessert! In this current gardening revolution, patio gardening is not impossible. Only if you are ready to commit and invest more than 15 dollars. Even if you do not feast on your garden. You can at least enjoy the gardening and  gaze at the beauty of growing vegetables, blossoming flowers and visiting insects. Besides, according to Voltaire,"we must cultivate our garden"!!  I see my gardening as my attempt to connect with nature and slow down.  At the end, I deeply appreciate the work of farmers around the world. Thank you!!!
Until next time, keep on cultivating...

1 comment:

  1. I tasted one ripe cherry tomato!!! It was delicious!! And we did it...well nature did it and we help!:)



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