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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stone Baby-Lithopedion

This post is for my dear father. At seven, I knew everything about natural childbirth. Sometimes I would see mothers give birth squatting in the hospital hallways. Childbirth was beautiful, real and so unreal. One day, I found out that my father did operated on a woman with a stone baby. Of course I begged him to let me see that stone baby. After seeing the stone baby,I was sad and amazed by biology. My dad told me that for decades the dead baby was in her belly, it became stone to protect her from infection. My dad was my super hero, he is a super hero. I told him that the stone baby looked more like a frozen chicken.  And when my dad ask for my treasure box to store his lithopedion. I felt like he made me his most valuable assistant. I was proud and more understanding of his passion for medicine.And when we moved, we took the stone baby with us. It became part of our family. I associated that stone baby with my father passion for medicine and it helped me  forgive his absences.Papa, I love you. You are the best!!!
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Stone Baby by Chad Nelson  


  1. Wow I have never heard of this condition until now, when I painted this it was about my daughter getting stuck during birth. Thanks for the credit


  2. Wow!!! You are so welcome!It is beautiful painting. Thanks you for reading! Seriously I picked your painting because the baby looks so peaceful and fragile at the same time. Have a great day, I am sure your daughter is very proud of her dad!:)



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