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Friday, September 24, 2010

Relativity, cyclical time in a linear temporality.

The Western notion of time is mostly linear and progressive. The Eastern notion is cyclical and infinite. If you are a following one of the three major monotheistic religions, you must view the concept of time as being linear.  From creation to our absolute end of creation, time is limited and finite. In my opinion, our individual life is a singly infinite sequence but we must remember that Life is a double-infinite sequence. It means that “it has neither a first nor a final element” So I do believe in a cyclical time in a linear temporality.  In some way we are avatars of “Life” in our very own linear temporality.  If you look at your parents, relatives, or children, that very individual temporality is extended to a greater cyclical dimension.

 Each generation implies a succession of deaths, births or rebirths. The movement is eternal. Besides we must accept Einstein’s theory of relativity as a testament of creation. Our cosmos is not static, so our temporality is flowing but it is indeed linear. The universe expansion indicates the direction in which time flows.  With Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2, which reveals the equivalence of mass and energy. It is implies that the universe is not eternal because the thermal distribution in the cosmos is uneven. In a way, our differences in this global community are proofs that our universe is not eternal. And as cyclical as linear it is this is it. Moreover, time itself does not exist without space and matter. Then in my linear temporality: I am here because I am and this is my eternity. And in my cyclical time I accept my place and its infinity.

According to Descartes in the discourse of the method on God existence is a fifty-fifty gamble but either way you will die. And if you reason… only a God, a creator transcends infinity and eternity. Personally I must believe in God to trust science. And I have faith in humanity. I am enjoying my relativity in my cyclical time in my linear temporality.  I am also proud that I do not forget how time is relative. Honestly what is the point of having a watch if you never have time? Time is a precious gift! I want to take this instant to say Thank you!! Thank you, to everyone for everything you done, did, doing, do and will do. Thank you!!!



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