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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Share a dream

I was walking through an orchard of white Chinese peaches the one that have an almond flavor. It could see small pink grapes, the one that have a raspberry flavor, as well as olives trees. The orchard was surrounded by avocado trees and mango trees. It was raining. I was enjoying each step in the warm rain. It was an African sky with a luxurious fiery sunset. It could feel the emerald abundance in the red soil with my bare feet. It was a mix of all my dearest memories from my African, Tropical, Mediterranean and Californian experiences. I could smell my mother’s warm wild raspberry jam. I was grown but I had that sweet peace fullness from childhood. I walked back home with a care free indolence, knowing that my loved ones were waiting for me. I was happy and blessed. It was a blissful dream.

If dreaming is all I have. Well it is already a lot. So far I have been blessed.
Fell free to share a dream…
Same moonlight for our dreams.


  1. I always have a recurring dream of being in a large city at night…the neon lights hypnotize me and then before I know it, I’m on a dirt road in some desolate country side with a staff and sandals…then I start walking and end up in a village with Egyptian and Oriental decorations and folks clothed in burkas…

  2. WOW ...wild dream! I love the sandals.. Thank you for sharing!!:)



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