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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Within the Four Seas: Introduction to Comparative Philosophy by Ulrich Libbrecht

 Oh my! Oh my! I just found this book online!! I will look for it at the library. Seriously, comparative philosophy!!! I am so exited I had to share... Ulrich Libbrecht is a belgian philosopher and a writer in comparative philosophy. He started as a math teacher. I understand how a math lover did fall for the beauty within the different models of thinking. I hope to find out that we are united in our differences.

"Our world has evolved in such a way that we can no longer reduce it to just a market - it has also become an «agora», where philosophers exchange world-views in order to understand one another. Europe has lost its position at the centre of the world and should stop pretending it holds the one true religion, philosophy, economy and science. Instead, we should turn our attention to fulfilling the dream of Erasmus reflected in his statement: "I wish to be a citizen of the world". First and foremost, we should learn to play fair when comparing different cultures and not rely on exlusively western criteria. This book explains how a comparative model, based on the paradigm-free axes of energy and information, accommodates the current world-views of Taoism, Buddhism and Rationalism - representing Chinese, Indian and Western heritages respectively - and shows how science and religion interrelate within such a global framework"

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