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Thursday, January 27, 2011

YouTube life in a day-Live from Sundance Jan 27 @ 8PM EST

Life in a Day

“Life in a Day” is a user-generated feature-length documentary film, shot on a single day, July 24, 2010. Supported by YouTube, it enlisted the global community to capture a moment of their lives on camera. “Life in a Day” brings together the most compelling footage into a 90-minute film, crafted by Macdonald, Executive Producer Ridley Scott and their team, to offer a unique experience that shows, in beautiful and, at moments, harrowing honesty, what it is like to be alive on Earth today.


July 24 is my birthday!!! No, I did not participate  but I will happily watch!! Voyeurism or curiosity! I will be watching because that is Global community. I am expecting a realistic play in our  virtual theater. I hope that the producers did not craft it too much for this global staging. Nevertheless, this will be a unique experience for our community.  

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