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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ismaël, The beast and the best Dream Team ever

This is a special post for our son, Ismaël. He asked me to post a picture of his first Basketball trophy. It did start this blog because of him.  So this is a perfect post to celebrate the one year anniversary of “Same Moonlight for Our Dreams”.

The beauty is that it all started with Basketball. I started to play really late. Like millions of others, I got hooked on by the Dream Team in 1992. It was my drug and my therapy. The ball and the court gave me a sense of freedom and balance. Street Ball was intoxicating and the best way to learn. The best part was that I was playing with my brother Eric. Most of the time, I was the only girl!!!

On a sunny summer afternoon, I meet a boy on a now “famous basketball court”.He was different and he did get me despite my ferocious facade. He became my best friend, then my boyfriend, my fiancé, and my husband. The beast at 6-foot-8 and basket ball, took us to the United  States of America.  We were a ferocious and resilient team.  Our dream team got blessed with a phenomenal player, Ismaël. In the midst of motherhood, parenthood, and life alone: basketball was not an active part of my life. That ball that I loved so much had lost prestige and glory. Until, the little player showed interest in the orange ball!! Seeing my favorite player and myself in him, I fell again for basketball.

His coach offered symbolic trophies to each player for a great season. The coach gave him “the beast” as nickname for his strength and resilience.
To my little beast, I love you!
Maman is so proud of you to infinity and beyond.
To my best friend, We are the best Dream Team ever...

In,Fate, Destiny and Dreams: I quoted  Paulo Coelho "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true".  We prepare our fate everyday in every actions. Let's not forget that we all are children of the universe and that our dreams are not negotiable.

Same Moonlight for Our Dreams is one year old.
Thank you to everybody...
Merci tout le monde……

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