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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women Day

Today is international women day! To be honest, I felt that I became a “Woman” only after I gave birth. I am not saying that childbearing and motherhood are the only paths to womanhood!!! Seriously!! Personally, pregnancy humbled me and made me aware of my role as a woman. I was blessed to have parents who taught me that I could do anything I wanted. However, I always felt that being a girl was a sort a "handicap", especially in the African culture. Nevertheless that "handicap" gives back some much power as long as you accept your role. I was certainly rebellious but I accepted my duties and played my role, while I was convinced I could do anything. When, I became a mother, I realized that womanhood was a powerful blessing not a handicap.  Beyond the sleep deprivation, and never ending diapers, I felt a weird sense of power..I understood who I was...

Happy Women day to you all and thank you...
Thanks to all the Men… 

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