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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My extreme super moon was despicable me

This past week, I was busy navigating my constellation.I was super excited by the Perigee, Extreme Super moon.  On that famous day, I did miss it when it was at the horizon, then it was too cold. I could not chase a super moonlight in a freezing  rain. I could not brave the weather. I totally missed it. However, I was confident that such “extreme super moon” will bring me some kind of luck, revelation, something fabulous and positive.

Well, the following Sunday afternoon, I lost my wallet while bike riding home from the grocery store!!! Once I realized it, I when back to look and ask around. Nothing, it was lost!! The happy bliss was instantly replaced by extreme frustration with an aftertaste of “ super curse”. I never lost my wallet. I lost a lot of stuff but not my wallet! To be honest, I was a mess, no more moonlighting, relativism, Zen or balance. I was devastated because deep down I needed something extremely good to happen. I felt guilty, exposed and vulnerable. All those swirl of emotions over a lost wallet.The relativist in me became an absolutist:  Yes, extremely convinced of my bad luck or my “not so” lucky curse. I wondered what I have done, or not doing in this life to deserve some of my  problems. I did not see the lesson to be learned for my misadventure. I complained, then whined, cried and complained some more.  

Guess who called me at 1:30 am her time. My mother, she could not sleep and had the urge to call me!!! Yes, I got to get out my misery, to my mommy…  I felt better,she just brought back the relativist within  to life by reminding me that nobody was hurt. My family was healthy. I had no reason to give up hope because one extra bad thing happened.  She reminded me that I was healthy, loved, and blessed. It was and is true. My dream team came to rescue with an “extreme comfort dinner” involving a lot of carbs, meat, spiciness, cream, cheeses, chocolate, and ice cream. All that combined with a cartoon chosen by my padawan, Despicable Me.
And you know what; I was high on sugar, carbs, laughter and love. I ended up dancing on Pharell Williams Despicable Me theme song. By the way my padawan is definitively a Jedi apprentice in training. He knew that the movie and song would cheer me up. Thank you again to my dream team…

By Monday morning, I was Zen and calm. I counted my blessings while indulging on Nutella by the spoon because I really deserved it!!!  Life was good again, my lost wallet was a way to remind me that I was blessed. It was a sign that I should shut up and enjoy the flow of my constellation.

By Monday afternoon, an employee from a coffee shop on my route called me and said that someone return my wallet!!! (Out of despair I left my phone number and my name to all businesses on my route hoping that maybe…) This was the extreme super moon effect, I was expecting. I could not believe it!! I rushed over, it was my wallet, minus  60 dollars but everything was there. Yes! I have my wallet back.  Thanks God! Thank you to my dream team! Thank you to my extreme super moon.

FYI: I promised  to not complain for two weeks…:)

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