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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Openness and emotional duality

As spring is blessing us with all her peaceful beauty, life is sweeter than honey. Flowers are blooming, opening to keep life alive. It is not just about beautiful colors. It is about survival and procreation.   Flowers beautifully represent our emotional duality and desire to be open.  Openness is crucial to our crystallized intelligence. According to Wikipedia, Crystallized intelligence is described as a person's depth and breadth of general knowledge, vocabulary, and the ability to reason using words and numbers. It is the product of educational and cultural experience in interaction with fluid intelligence.

I definitively love spring because it encourages everyone to open up. It is a peaceful time to reflect about life.  Open can be synonym to naïve. However, naivety in children blesses them with a profound openness that adults tend to envy.  Even the naïve flower after opening up to release her scent to attract insects, she will close back to conserve resources at night. She will not waste her delicate perfume and will compete with others flowers to attract wandering insects. So openness does not always equate to credulity. 

Duality is the essence of life. Our terrestrial, emotional and moral lives are all about duality. Openness is a personal approach to life. In my opinion it gives a better chance to reach balance. We are trained to appreciate all natural dualities such male and female, light and dark, and positive and negative. 
However, we are scared to embrace our emotional duality while secretly praying for neutrality.

In high school, I start liking physics when we did learn about Newton’s law of action-reaction. “The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear”. It made sense; life is a succession of actions-reactions.  Ironically, I became aware of the multitude of reactions for my actions. Nevertheless, I realized that being aware did not prevent me from being open. Later in college, teachers always preached the famous “think outside the box”. After years of formatting fluid reasoning, openness was required to solve problems from the “box”. I realized that “my box” was diverse, eclectic and messy. So for me the “think outside the box” meant “open your box”. Openness did allow me accept my emotional dualities. Of course being blessed with many spring, helped me mature. Time is a blessing. Enjoy your spring, live and love your dear life.

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