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Monday, June 28, 2010

Black Soul by Martine Chartrand

For Children:
Martine  Chartrand is a Haitian-Québécois animator.
Black Soul is a short animated movie of  9 minutes and 47 seconds.
I love the poetry. The images, the swirling lights and colors  are mesmerizing. From the baobab tree to the American Snows, it is a beautiful memory narrated by a grandmother to her grandson.

Please go to:


  1. Wow...the animation really grabs you...feels like looking at an illustrated book with no pages...mesmerizing piece of work...reminds me of Camille Yarbrough's book Cornrows...

  2. I love the flow.It is beautiful...I do not know about Yarbrough's book Cornrows.. I will look for it at the library! Thanks for passing by!



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