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Monday, June 21, 2010

Supple delicate armor and anti-violence protest in France

While the anti-violence protest of the Chinese community at Belleville  took place Sunday. Yiqing Yin’s Exile collection was selected by the “ Ministère de la Culture et communication” to be exposed at the Palais Royal. Yiqing Yin was a refugee from China at the age of four. She used her clothes as an anchor: “Returning to my clothes, was like living once more within my body and my emotions; I was at home.”  She describes her garment as a second skin and a supple armor. I love it!! In my opinion, it is a metaphor about the everlasting struggle in balancing new paths and respecting our creativity and identity. That is what I love about France: the open contradiction that requires supple armor and anti-violence protest.  Congratulation to Yiqing Yin !!!!

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