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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

View on BP oil spill by my seven years old

He was watching a PBS program while waiting for his dinner. He was extremely focused. First he said his favorite sentence: “Maman tu sais quoi!” Then he started one of his usual long and colorful explanations.
“I think that Obama should ask all all all the scientists and the oil engineers to work together to clean up the spill. They should have think about protecccting before exxxploring the ocean long long long  time ago!And everyyybody should drive less and use buses, fast trains and ride their bikes!!. Maman we need to help planet Earth” At seven, he knows that we are not handling it as we should. I served him his dinner. And he said “maybe we should send clone troopers to clean the oil spill, Maman!”.  
Yes maybe we should! I answered.
Clone troopers to the rescue!
I love my seven years old!!

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