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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Metamorphosis to the butterfly within our soul

On Sunday, we walked to the farmer market for a last farewell to summer before fall moves in. It seems that everybody decided to do the same. My son was gazing at a yellow butterfly in a busy parking lot. Then a lady in her hybrid SUV drove over the butterfly… And right there, I had to go find the butterfly for a proper burial. It was a fast ceremony. My son made a hole, put the fragile body in and covered it with soil. Then we said our goodbyes. As a mom, I told him that the butterfly's energy was transfered to him because he tried to rescue it from the car…Yes, I did!!! Over dinner, he shared his story. To make it easy, we said that it just happened and a butterfly life spam is so short anyway. He was relieved and said he was happy that he is not a butterfly.Yes, indeed… We pulled the “it is life” card!!

In introspective, we are butterflies. We see ourselves as magnificence divine nymphs getting ready for an astonishing triumph in our lifetime. However we used to be eggs and wandering caterpillars.  In our chrysalis stages were reluctant to see the world because we are just too busy getting ready for that fabulous journey. Our gradual metamorphosis is a beautiful and painful stage. It requires awareness and consciousness. When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, it rests while pumping the blood to the wings. It takes three to four hours to master flying. And then it is time to explore, find a mate, reproduce, live and die. If the butterfly is lucky, it will die in peace at the end of a spectacular journey.

We have a longer spam life but we are all going trough the metamorphosis within our soul. No matter what lays a head we must have faith, hope and believe in life.  We must get ready to live and inspires all the wandering caterpillars, and fragile chrysalis about the ultimate audacity to just be. So let us rest, master flying, and keep on dreaming of many amazing flights. Life is a satirical prose. It is life.Just live because you never know when a hybrid SUV will interrupt your flight!

Same Moonlight for our Dreams.

by pageofbats


  1. ...Life is a satirical prose. It is life. Just live...

    True indeed...luv this wisdom.

  2. Thank you. By the way I love your poem "Woven"!!!I love the imagery, and the depth and strength from "words are the thread that stitches together the fabric of life"...



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