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Thursday, October 14, 2010

October is Fair trade Month

Please go on to vote because every purchase has power.

 The Fair Trade Certified label helps you make choices, with the confidence that your product is socially and environmentally sustainable. When you purchase Fair Trade products, you vote with your dollars to support what matters to you.

Fighting Poverty
Fair Trade is a market-based system—that develops global trade, not aid—in which farmers are empowered with the tools to raise themselves out of poverty.
Protecting the Environment
Fair Trade certification enables farmers and workers to practice sustainable farming, remove dangerous chemicals, conserve resources, and preserve their land for generations to come.
Building Sustainable Business
Fair Trade provides farming organizations the support to build their business capacity, which allows them to deal directly with buyers around the world to negotiate fair prices and offer fair wages.
Empowering Women
Fair Trade guarantees women access to health care, child care, representation and freedom from harassment so they are able to play leading roles in their families and their cooperatives.
Supporting Education
Fair Trade helps families keep their children in school. With added revenues from Fair Trade, parents can pay tuition, set up scholarships, and give the gift of education in isolated communities.

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