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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rocca - Les jeunes de l'univers

This one is for my brother!!! It is from 1997, a classic french hip hop song about hope. This song is universal. I was eighteen, I wanted to explore the world then build a better one.I believed that I was the master of my  destiny no matter the obstacles.This song said everything: I felt and I wanted to hear. It captures the malaise within the forgotten, and the hunger for change. Today, our son is seven and he understands the lyrics. He said: One love, I represent, we represent!! It is priceless. I realized that I can only offer a tiny contribution to the change. However to insufflate hope is  powerful. I am the master of my destiny and I have some many places to explore. Enjoy!!

Some translation. 
I believe in myself ... in you ... the future is in our hands
 And nothing should be able to cross our paths  
My generation is rising from the concrete as a flag 
America Latina, Africa represento Columbia
Hope is vital as the oxygen we breathe
United, we are the light of the way we are taking
 This is the worst of the fighting, the perpetual quarrel, the saga 
It is the dominant dominated, the law of  money 
Reverses statistics, surveys,Prove to your entourage
 A man full of courage, may dig its own way 
To victory, successDespite the many racial conflicts, social 
In France every effort has reward, go! 
One love! For all young people down the stairs of housing projectsI see hope for all those I love
For all young people of the universe: this universal message"
I represent, we represent"I dedicate it to those I love"
In all concrete in all concrete ..."
 For all young people of the universe: this universal message"
I represent, we represent" 
Think today is your day to fight and win, boy!"
The world is in front of you, do not expect it to embark"

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