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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Avan i two ta( Before it's too late) Jocelyne Labylle Feat Jocelyne Béroard

I love this song. I did not know Jocelyne Labylle but everybody knows Jocelyne Béroard from Kassav. It is a sweet melody  that remind us to enjoy each minute because it all we have. It is in creole, I tried to translate from french. Here it is!
Well enjoy this sweet melody before it's too late...

"Let me talk   Before it's too late Let me open your eyes Do you have time, I must talk to you absolutely Sit there and listen to me now    Let me say thank you  Before it's too late Let me dance with you   Before it's too late It is not certain that we have whole life ahead,..., We must enjoy each minute we have... Before it's too late Let me dance with you... Let me tell you sorry Let me give everything I have  Before it's too late Let me do whatever I can   Before it's too late Sing for you a beautiful melody   Before it's too late    For you my big brother, you my sister, my darling ... my child
Before it's too late    Let me tell you sorry   But let me say thank you"

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