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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The soul of exile - Mona Ki Ngi Xiça by Bonga

In my opinion, this song of Bonga is the soul of exile.This one is for all the traveling birds in this global community. When nostalgia resides in our nests. Life's mysterious melody reminds us that beyond our dreams;these children of ours will stay here when we gone.Forever immortal in their hearts, we can  open their eyes to this beautiful world with love. We are different but the same. We are all urban refugees and distant relatives. To you all...
Same Moonlight for our dreams

(The Child I’m Leaving Behind)
(Barceló de Carvalho “Bonga”)

Bonga - 1972
Also recorded by: Ruy Mingas
Attention! I’m in mortal danger
And I’ve already warned you
She will stay here and I will go away

This child of mine
Evil people are after her
This child of mine
On a tide of misfortune

God gave me this offspring
That I brought into the world
And she will stay here
When I am gone

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