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Friday, August 6, 2010

Book of the week: Zenj, Buganda: East Africa by Kenny Mann

It is a very well  written exploration of ancient civilization. The writing is passionate, alive and so entertaining!! I was looking for a book that will help me explain East Africa to our son. He did not understand how come I did not learn African history. Well after a timid explanation. I told him that we could learn together. All I remember was some stories from my parents. And sadly, I know way more about Europe, America, even ancient Greece than my own history. I really love this book!  It did put everything in a time line and historical context. And I was so happy that the little I knew about East Africa and Comoros was true. I realized that I am not just born in Rwanda from Burundi and expatriated in Comoros but I spent my first decade in the kingdoms of the Nile basin-The land of Zenj! Oh yes, and believe me, it did impress my favorite little californian.
Thank you Mrs. Kenny Mann for this gift!

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