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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Activist Poet-Saul Williams

He is a very talented Activist Poet! He made me love English. For me, the movie Slam was a revelation of how "English" words can be powerful. With the Hip-Hop obsession in a blackness identity chasing generation, Saul Williams gave us food for our minds. After watch his movie, I wrote my first poem in English.  Before, only French had substance, subtility and nuances. After his amazing performance, I felt the substance, the subtility, the nuances, the catalytic energy and the smoothing message that awake every part of your being. Slam’s tagline is “Words make sense of a world that won't.”

Here is a Video of him
"I am a star, this life is the suburbs, I commute...I am before, before." Saul Williams


  1. Saul's enegry is definitely infectious...he's one of my all time favorite wordsmiths.

  2. He is amazing...Thanks you for teaching me a new “wordsmith”:)Ciao



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