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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wisdom whispers by Kim and Joe

To escape the heat, we took a bike ride to the river. My plan was to chill in the shade and read in peace. My son was planning to enjoy the freezing cold water. However we got there in a middle of a couple's courting rehearsal. I wanted to go farther away but my son was already in the water. I sat down and watched their little opera. The lady apologized for the scene and the man moaned at her. I told them that it was cool and they were cute together. And they started arguing about the labeling of their relationship. I knew my peaceful reading just drowned. Few minutes later,the lady introduced herself as Kim and her “friend” was Joe. Kim had a sweet, sandy and rocky voice. She had that protective armor that we build when we do not trust anymore. Joe was preaching every one of his sentences with all his strength. Joe in his fifties is from Michigan and Kim in her forties is from California. They are homeless and watch out for each other.

We talk about everything and nothing. Some parts were pure nonsense but they also shared pure and real wisdom.Joe had a necklace with a wood cross. His father left him when he was five years old. I could feel his childhood pain in his voice.Joe told me “Baby Girl, I will be real with you! Life is hard .You must never worship men. The secret is to love everybody and the rest will come. I love every motherfucka out here but the most difficult shit is to love myself. Baby girl, I am rich! God is my father!!” He also made me promise to read Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Kim mothered my son like a loving auntie. She told him to be proud and confident no matter what others say. Watching her mothering my baby made me realize that I was lucky to share this moment with her. Next to my son, Kim dropped her armor and she was soft and fragile even my son became aware of her calm and delicate aura. Kim shared that she has four kids that are staying with her mother. She has a drinking problem caused by really violent domestic violence. She has a large scar on her throat. She said “it is hard to be trusted again but it is harder to trust. It is hard to find a good man that see you and do not hurt you inside. I need to find myself first”
Kim and Joe were missing their children. They were longing to belong. And they starved to be needed. Beyond their opera characters, I have seen glimpses of very deep and powerful persons inside. They were very appreciative of my listening. They were proud to share their wisdom and parenting skills. They were happy that I could see beyond the homelessness. They gave me priceless compliments and blessings that warmed my soul. We whispered to each other words of wisdom and hope.
Kim is dreaming to get back to her children and protect them from life stuff. Joe is dreaming to travel around and be in his children life before he becomes a grandfather.Kim also dreams to have a place called "home with her children". And Joe also dreams to say “I am going home for diner”. I am forever grateful for these two wisdom whisperers. At the end, we exchanged grateful salutations and blessings. Then we left. And in our way home, I realized that beyond all my issues and problems I am so blessed.
Thank you Kim! Thank You Joe!

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