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Monday, July 12, 2010

Africa World Cup: 31 days of dribbling, crossing, scoring goals and dreaming.

First, Bravo Spain! Bravo Netherlands! Now we must all have Catalan seafood Paella at least once this month! However Ghana remains my favorite matador. Yes we have seen the ugly, not so cute and the silly. And we had some amazing moment, great dances, intense praying, hoping, and dreaming. Of course, I wanted Africa to win in Africa. It would have been a great moment. Apparently not yet, not yet…regardless it was a great moment for Africa.

Nevertheless, the world cup did stir up a lot of debates on “national identity” and multiracial players. I am still maintaining that there is a difference between nationality and citizenship! And they are not overlapping like many believe. When you are multicultural and multiracial, you know that it is complex and real. All the naturalized immigrants living in adopted countries do understand me. The bottom line, you pick a nation and become a citizen. You are a "virtual" national. Then you are good sport and want to represent your nation. You want to share your pride and support your "adopted" people. Deep down you want to show your “original” people that you made it! You want to prove that dreams come true and give hope to those in needs.

For some "Soccer" is a pitiful metaphor of a national status. However for us "children of football" is a subtitle esquisse of a national landscape. Spain victory is a proof that collaboration and integration is the key to victory. Cantalonia, Andalousia, and Basques were united for 31 days!!! France defeat illustrates the lack of dialogue on integration, and the big taboo on race. And the strike of the French team was one of my favorite moments!

At the World cup, players are like “paid gladiators”. We are not naïve. The game is the game. However there is a little window of light where the underdog shines. He is performing for his social and legal standing and a better pay check of course. The beauty is that in the public, many see those modern gladiators as their personal ambassadors. And we hope that they will send the message to the world, we are here!
And in a mix of dribbling, crossing, scoring we are still dreaming for those priceless goals!!!
To conclude: Thanks you all! Special Thanks to Ghana for true team spirit. And see you in Brazil 2014...

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