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Monday, May 17, 2010

African Great Lakes Province: where blood is not red anymore but green.

The wealth of the African Great Lakes Province is known for centuries. And the blooded conflicts are also well known. Even if the Great Lakes Province appears to be this renewed “Wild West”, we need to think about future generations. When pollution, erosion, and ecological human made disasters will destroy that wealth, saying we did our best will not suffice. The ideal would be to create programs, collaborations, or “cooperation” to reduce pollution. And maybe promote a local sustainable development. “National resources” should benefit locals and improve quality of life. Right now corporations accelerate environmental damages on top of conflicts. And when some electronics gadgets will become obsolete, many will complain of certain migrations to greener pastures. Any migration to greener pasture is the result of corruption, discrimination and survival. Blood is blood no matter how green it looks.

Great article: Conflict Minerals: the New Blood Diamonds by Teri Schure on May 16, 2010

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