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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cartoon: Once upon a time Life by Procidis

For Children
Once upon a time series have the best educational cartoons.
Procidis is a French animation studio, founded by Albert Barillé. Procidis realized series that became cults in the 80’s. I grew up with them and now our son is enjoying them. Thanks to his super Grandma Chantal! We have the complete collection of Once upon a time Life in French.It is  funny, educational and well done. I am sure that my love for biology came from those lazy afternoons watching this cartoon.Procidis did a great job by creating an European audiovisual landscape and the programs are sold in more than 100 countries.This French independent producer has a wonderful international dimension.In my opinion the program about Life and Planet Earth are the best. I am a fan for twenty two years!!

My only request is that Procidis should consider launching “Once upon a Time: Africa”. I think it is time and we need it. As a fan, I will be delighted to help. Just in case it does not happen, I will be recruiting talented artists to create, produce and launch “our Once Upon a time: Africa!!” Sorry Procidis, it is not personal. I just think that it is time.

Here is a great quote from Procidis founder Albert Barillé “Make our children want to know, arouse their curiosity. Also treat them as people in their own right, who understand much more than adults would have us believe. They will be all the stronger for it and be grateful to you.” Yes!! I am very grateful!! Lets enjoy the cartoons until the launching of samemoonlight programs "Once Upon a Time:Africa"  :)


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