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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Bible and Sunday shoes: Another angle on homelessness

This picture was taken in the midst of garbage. In a back alley, the Bible and the Sunday shoes were put aside. The neatness was in contrast with the chaos. Someone did toss them away. And someone else did find them and save them because only “he or she” could see their real value for someone else. I felt a mix of graciousness, awareness, kindness, gentleness, tenderness and selflessness. That is why I stopped and took this picture. I wanted to pick up the Holy Book but it was not mine to take. It was there for reason. My reason was selfish. I was curious to find a note or anything. A lady did look at me like I lost my mind. Yes, sometimes when I find something outside that I can use and like, I take it. I guess “she” never did.  So Graciousness is another angle of homelessness. I hope that someone took the Bible and the Sunday shoes.

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