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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dreamer Tribes in a Perfect and Imperfect World

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz did define the monads as the ultimate elements of the universe. According to him, Monads are "substantial forms of being", eternal, individual, subject to their own laws, un-interacting, and each reflecting the entire universe in a pre-established harmony. The bottom line is that each human being constitutes a monad. I like the metaphor of each monads being a little mirror of the universe. Leibniz classified monads in three groups. We have vegetale, animal and human monads. I understand that God is the monad of all the monads. And that he is the master of the pre-established harmony.

I believe that we have glimpses of the pre-established harmony in our dreams. Besides our memories shape our experiences as well as our experiences shape our memories.  However Leibniz made the distinction between soul and monad. Souls are mortal and have memory of their perception while monads are immortal and have no memory of their perception. So I made the conclusion that our soul guides our monad and body through our dreams. Even Aristole did defend a certain level of lucid dreaming- “often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream”. 

In my opinion, humans are forming multiple and diverse dreamer tribes because our monads cannot interact. And even if the monads cannot communicate they are aware of the others. At the end it is the same moonlight for our dreams, and God is orchestrating the pre-established harmony. No matter what kind of instrument we are playing: we are following the same melody.  I do not think of God as mathematician but it is my way of accepting that the Universe is neither perfect nor imperfect. Therefore the World is not perfect or imperfect. And I am not perfect or imperfect.  I am a monad among monads. I am a dreamer among dreamers. We are different but the same. And we have common dreams under the same moonlight.

Thank you for reading my little discourse!
Let me offer you a note from an old friend of mine:
Everything is perfect. Everything is imperfect.
If everything is perfect and imperfect.
Then nothing is perfect. Nothing is imperfect.
Thus everything just is.
Therefore just be yourself.
Be your beautiful self.

By Charles H

Peace to you all.Same moonlight for our dreams.

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