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Monday, November 8, 2010

Activist of the week: Rokhaya Diallo boycotting Guerlain

 I know that this video is in French and many of you do not understand. However, the intensity of the conversation does not need any translation. Again it  is not about Guerlain in the current  racism controversy. It is is about the disregard, the condescension and that "French Patronizingly superior behavior " toward Africans. I am a negress, and I am proud of it. The word does not offend me but the depreciation, the disdain, and the arrongance are worst that the word. I love this video because it displays the disfunctional relationships we have in France.And Rokhaya Diallo was able to talk trough by fighting back with humor and diplomacy. Inside, it burns , it hurts and it stinks as much as Guerlain nigger bomb. It is almost a catch-22 because you must be an accomplice to act on that stage if you want to be heard. In the same time, the complicity is destroying your soul in both side.Nevertheless, we all must do  what we can.Thank you Rokhaya Diallo!!! You rock! Merci!

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