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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“Taking pictures with our eyes”

(This one was posted on June 21,2010)
Yesterday, it was World Refugee Day! I am the child of refugees. So I grew up with an unspoken consent that I could not complain because I was safe and alive. Our parents always reminded us that everything is relative. That we needed to know what is real. And focus on what matters. Life is a precious gift and you can lose everything in an instant.Consequently super expensive accessories, gadgets, or any overpriced clothes are unnecessary. They often reminded us that at the end, all you have it is your family and friends. And their care and love are priceless. In real time of need, money is useful but worthless. In such time you will crave a reassuring smile, and genuine compassion.

We were lucky to inherent their urgency to strive for better. Our mother did teach us to “take pictures with our eyes” and save them in our hearts. She told us that each time we are experiencing happiness; we should take a good look and save it in our hearts. And in dark days we could go back to such memories to lift our spirit and feel like home.  In my heart, I am wealthy with millions of priceless happiness tags. They often make me laugh or cry of happiness. I also did teach my child to “take pictures with his eyes”. Thank you Maman!!!

Same moonlight for our dreams

 Comoros Beach  Uploaded on April 27, 2006 by little geoff

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