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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zen: images,texts and teachings by Miriam Levering.

Among our many pursuits, we are all wondering how to find contentment and peace. This book is an illustrated selection of “the Gateless gate” and “the Ox-herding pictures” with verses. Dr Miriam Levering wrote “This book is intended as an introduction to the enigma and subtle harmony of Zen and as a contemplative aid for the lay reader.”  However my favorite quote is on page 12“ Verse has long been vitally important in Zen, As Truths that cannot be expressed in doctrine or prose can be hinted at in poetry.” After this sentence I was hooked on Zen.   I also found out that the sky is an image of the uncluttered nature of the “awakened mind”-aware of spirituality and oneness with the universe. Also the Moon represents one’s enlightened true nature!!! This definitively explains my fascination with the Moon!! And the attainment of enlightenment is the realization of one’s true nature! According to Wikipedia, “The aim of Zen practice is to discover this Buddha-nature within each person, through meditation and practice of the Buddha's teachings. The ultimate goal of this is to become a Completely Enlightened Buddha” Just cruise through the book and take any fruitful inspiration. It is a perfect combination that appeases the mind and cajoles the imagination.It is Zen.
Thank you dear friend for this book...
Same Moonlight for Our Dreams

On Zazen Pratice page 34
The Moon abiding in the midst of serene mind;
billows break into light.
Dogen (1200-1253)

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