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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cultural blend: African Kimono by Serge Mouangue

Causes of migrations are divided in two categories: push and pull factors. “Push and pull factors are those factors which either forcefully push people into migration or attract them to an area.” So regardless of  who you are, you will be pushed or pulled into migrations. Civil wars, better educations, global warming and all the rest will make you migrate to some extend. And the beautiful result is multiculturalism, fusion and melting pot. I did found something that perfectly symbolizes fusion. It is a blend of Japanese and African culture and it is beautiful, African kimono!!!. A Tokyo based Kimono retailer Kururi and Serge Mouangue create traditional Japanese kimonos in African prints from Nigeria to Senegal.
Links for more pictures:

Here a video of Mbilia Bel for her classy style !!

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