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Friday, April 9, 2010

First update of Kirundi-French-English Challenge.

According to our dear “Bescherelle, a French grammar book”, a mother tongue is acquired orally, and the graphic transcription is taught several years later. Well it took me only three decades! And all I have to say is that it is HARD!!!!!!! Now that I said it I can pretend that I am in control. French grammar was hard, Spanish was manageable, and English was less complicated but required me to thing differently.I shamefully dropped Spanish because conjugation was overwhelming. Orally I could understand Kirundi until I left home. And being far from home and not speaking Kirundi,I lost a lot of it.
And going over grammar exercises,I am proud to say that I understand plenty of the vocabulary and recognized some of the rules. However the vocalic system, contractions, diphthongs, phonetics, syntax and the vast diversity of articles specific for each group of nouns made me realized that Kirundi is a really rich and complex language.That is probably why it is almost impossible to find an updated book. 
But I find some fabulous links online, even Spanish-Kirundi lessons; I got to love globalization for this. Thank you for the mighty internet!Besides I am currently forced to learn all the English phonetics to teach them to my favorite first grader. To be honest he is teaching me proper English pronunciation. And I love to see him being so proud to correct me. Priceless!My mother is taking the Kirundi-English part of the challenge and she doing great.So I am dedicating  this kirundian love song “Kidumu - Amosozi y'urukundo” to my mother for reading my blogg even in English.
Thank you Maman.
And Thank you Papa.
I promise to write few sentences in Kirundi as soon as possible.
For a start Ndagukunda/ Je t’aime/I love you
Have a great Friday whoever is passing by this page.

Here below the full pages of Kirundi by Betty Cox:

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