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Monday, April 26, 2010

Youth activism and Union of students

The International Union of Students (IUS) is a worldwide nonpartisan association of National Union of Students with a focus on university students. The objectives of the IUS are stated in the 1946 preamble to the organization's Constitution: “The purpose of the International Union of Students, which is founded upon the representative student organizations of different countries, shall be to defend the rights and interests of students to promote improvement in their welfare and standard of education and to prepare them for their tasks as democratic citizens.” According to records at UNESCO, the priority work areas of the IUS are: "Exchange of information, defense of students' status, peace, environment, development, human rights".

I am happy to find out that there is an international Union of students.This global education crisis is the result of our global economic downturn.We all know that this crisis could or would create lost generations of children without a fair education. We kind of know why, they are children left behind. No matter how many reports are done, nobody cares until we see them or someone talks for them. Youth activism and student activism are indispensable to global awareness. So I am really inspired by 1,000 Burundian students that were protesting  after six weeks off. They have that urgency to succeed. And we know that they know- this is it!
“BUJUMBURA — About 1,000 schoolchildren in Burundi on Thursday blocked one of the country's main roads for several hours in a protest against a teachers' strike, now in its sixth week, an official said..... Many of the 50,000 teachers at primary and secondary schools in Burundi went on strike on March 8 over non-payment of salary arrears.....The central African country's government walked out of talks with the unions on April 16, accusing the teachers of intransigence.... On Tuesday, six schoolchildren were arrested by police in Bujumbura's Musaga district because they "attacked several private schools with stones," the local administrator, Desire Simbizi, said.Since Wednesday morning, dozens of police in anti-riot gear have been deployed around private schools in Bujumbura.”

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