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Monday, April 12, 2010

From handwritten letters to emails and Vice-versa.

I vividly remember when I signed up for my yahoo account. A friend of mine went far away and calling was becoming too expensive. Besides I was too impatient to wait for letters via air. It was twelve years ago at the National Library of France, located in Paris in Jean François Mitterrand site. I just moved from Toulouse to Paris for a summer job. I did not know Paris that well and I had to find a free computer lab. So I decided to apply for a library card just to be able to freely use the computer labs. I was astonished by the view from the Simone-de-Beauvoir footbridge, and the trees inside the building that you can see trough the window-walls. I always loved libraries.  As a kid, it was the perfect way to escape our French suburb with the blessing of our parents. And libraries were cooled in summer, heated in winter and of course free. When I finally got to the computers, I registered for a yahoo mail account, emailed my friend and waited for an answer. And right there in a wink I had instant news. It was magical. Today I am teaching my first grader to type on the computer like my dad did teach me how to use a typing machine. I miss handwriting letters but I never mail anything on time. Once I wrote a letter to my parents, never mailed it and I handed it one year later when they came to visit.
 I knew that my love of spectacular handwriting was over when I let go of my desire to possess a Mont Blanc pen. I still believe that handwriting is more thoughtful, especially with a cursive handwriting. I love to receive those emotionally charged notes because it is a proof that someone just took time to share something meaningful, even if it is five sentences. It is something from the old days, when we were collecting stamps and running to the mail box hoping for distant news. A time when you were nice to the mailman so he will come early. Today I often send back emails that I try to light up with exclamation points and smiley faces. We all prefer handwritten letters but we are too busy becoming neurotic multitaskers; we want to save that so precious time that we lack, and do not waste money on stamps. By the way if you plan on writing to Mr.Obama use your pen because he prefers handwritten letters according to the Daily Herald Newspaper. So I might get my Mont Blanc pen after all. I do not want to miss such opportunity. And I will take my most beautiful cursive handwriting for the occasion. Who knows!

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