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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exploration by Clement Kodjo Deyono

Clement Kodjo Deynoo is a Ghanaian British writer,
 more at Poetry in Emotion.
My picture from CSUS pedestrian bridge.
I confess, I like bridges.
Here it is Exploration!

In little feet’s of dwarf..
In my adolescent youth..
In Locomotion,..
Through yards of unexplored worlds..

Anticipation and trepidation..
Glued on pavements of red sand..
On my feet, evidence of tango danced..

Every day I go a step further..
From the nest in which I cradle in comfort..
Addiction of a buzz, for new conquest I venture..
Dis-virgined by visions in healed..

Verbal chants made loud in ears in caution..
Like unwelcome trumpets, of kings parade..
“Do not enter into the dark forest”..
Deterring me not, I am a rebel determined..

And I am edged on by passions of solicitation..
To whisk into unseen worlds of enigma..
It is an adventure, I seek on my quest..
To be enlighted through paths I walk..

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